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Inclusive Classrooms

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The Teachers College Inclusive Classrooms Project supports research, teaching and service to create organizational structures and curricular opportunities so that all students may grow and thrive in their classrooms.  Our philosophy is grounded in the understanding that all students can participate in the general education curriculum when provided with appropriate supports and services. We believe that the single-format lesson does not support the full and diverse range of learners in any given classroom, and teachers need to develop the skills and dispositions that address each and every learner. In addition to supporting students with identified disabilities, we also believe teachers in inclusive classrooms can create engaging curriculum for students who need more challenging work.

The Teachers College Inclusive Classrooms Project is supporting New York City educators and leaders to design flexible services for students with disabilities. During the 2010-2011 school year, the TCICP will convene Spotlight Instructional Inquiry-Action teams in the following areas:

  1. Planning and enacting student, classroom, and school strategies to maximize positive student behavior
  2. Utilizing new technologies to foster literacy acquisition
  3. Integrating multi-modal projects into the curriculum in grades 7-12 for learners
  4. Incorporating culturally relevant curriculum into the classroom
  5. Planning multilevel and dynamic assessments for the classroom
  6. Planning and supporting peer supports for inside and outside the classroom
  7. Fostering strong relationships with families and community agencies
  8. Creating flexible special education services maximizing collaboration between special and general educators.

Resources developed for and with the inquiry-action teams will be shared throughout the school year on this website. Updates on our work and resources for educators and school leaders will be posted regularly.